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Thumbs up!"This tea's flavor can be summed up in one word: delicate. "
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While I am not overly familiar with GABA oolong, the Driftwood site does provide some good basic information on this tea and its purported health/medicinal properties. These health claims include improved memory, increased fat burning, lower blood pressure, and aiding deeper sleep. Driftwood tea makes no guarantee of these health claims, and as a tea reviewer, I am also not that interested in these claims so much as I am interested in the flavor of the tea. The tea is packaged as small and tightly rolled pellets. Assuming these leaves would have a very large volume when opened, I used a modest teaspoon per cup of water. The leaves were infused for three minutes in sub-boiling water. As expected, the leaves opened up and the final volume of the opened leaves was about eight times that of the rolled leaves. The prepared tea is a translucent golden brown, actually a bit darker in color than I expected. This tea's flavor can be summed up in one word: delicate. It is not flavorless, but it really does require focus to get the most of this tea. When I really concentrated, the flavors I picked up on included a grain/bread component and sweet and subtle honey and nut elements. The first infusion really was very mild, so I didn't expect a second infusion of the same leaves would produce an adequately flavored tea. Sure enough, the second infusion was pretty weak, but still not altogether uenjoyable. I found the second infusion, which seemed like a diluted version of the first infusion, to be a refreshing tea when taken at room temperature or over a little ice. This tea was a unique experience because its flavor was so subtle and tasted very little like any other oolong (or any other tea, for that matter) that I have had before.

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One Response to “Review: Driftwood Tea Organic GABA Oolong”

  1. James Henderson Robe Says:

    Having sampled GABA tea again myself this eveing I would have to say this is a very fair review (as every review is on here).

    Where as most Taiwanese oolongs I expect to have a shelf life of longer than one year – and perhaps it’s all those mythical properties – however, this does seem to have lost some of the brightness of flavour which I was so enthusiastic about when I selected it last spring.

    In my opinion GABA does remain a high quality tea and, with a little more loose leaf, and freshly boiled water, it’s certainly not undrinkable. I think it remains very pleasant but is not quite the ‘afternoon tea in a cup’ it was a year ago.

    I wasn’t hugely impressed with the GABAs I tried this year so haven’t replaced it with a 2012 spring harvest. I have however decided to take 50% off the price of all remaining GABA tea we have in stock and our website will be update shortly to reflect this.


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