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Thumbs up!"A wonderful representation of this popular beverage – delicious peppermint, strong with essential oils, permeates the senses even through a foggy cloud of head cold."
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Recently I came down with a head cold which I could not seem to shake. I turned to various green teas, which aided me in feeling better, keeping me hydrated, and satiating my undying thirst for tea. Normally, I quaff various black teas by the gallon throughout the day, but when I’m sick, I generally switch over to herbals, and lately (at least during this illness), I’ve been kicking it with green tea, which is somewhat unusual for me. However, there’s something about it that’s just much more refreshing and soothing and healing when illness strikes. Marry that with a potent peppermint, and now we’re talkin’.

Moroccan Mint tea is so-named due to the history of this beverage in – you guessed it – Morocco. To this day, it is a constant part of the daily culture and routine, served at each meal, and all day between meals as well. It’s no surprise to find out that Morocco was reportedly the first worldwide importer of Chinese green tea – and they currently import over one hundred million dollars of it annually.

Tea District sources the green tea component of their Moroccan Mint the traditional way – with Gunpowder green tea. I’m unsure whether it is more traditional to use spearmint or peppermint, but this tea utilizes the latter. Both ingredients are organic. Additionally, Tea District adds a little flourish with the addition of Jasmine flowers – although they are hard to spot in the blend.

The dried leaf is as aromatic as one might expect – a pungent minty aroma fills the nasal cavity appropriately, and I eagerly approach the brewing process. 180-degree water and a 3-4 minute infusion is recommended. I begin with the longer infusion time, which produces a very nice cup. Traditionally, Moroccan Mint is prepared with sugar and is rather sweet, but due to my ailments and wanting to keep things pure, I’ve kept it unenhanced for this review. The resultant flavor is a wonderful representation of this popular beverage – delicious peppermint, strong with essential oils, permeates the senses even through a foggy cloud of head cold. The marriage with the Gunpowder tea is perfect, as the flavors complement each other perfectly, the green tea providing a strong-enough flavor profile to be present alongside the beautifully-powerful mint as opposed to overshadowed by the mint. A 3-minute infusion is a bit tempered down and does provide a nice cup, although tamer. It’s a bit sweeter and less of the green tea potency comes through. I highly suggest trying both parameters and adapting to your individual taste.

Moroccan Mint is always a winner in my book, but Tea District seems to have sourced some top-notch high-quality ingredients to make theirs extra special. This is probably amid the best Moroccan Mint teas on the market that I’ve had the pleasure of encountering.

— To purchase Tea District Organic Moroccan Mint, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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