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Thumbs up!"The passion fruit flavour is up front and centre, in a smooth and flowery sort of way. Those who really don't like tart, acidic fruity tisanes would do well to check this one out. Well worth it!"
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Before I review this tisane, I feel I should comment on the Dream Boutique's wide range of claims regarding the health benefits of honeybush, stating that it's been known to “alleviate menopausal symptoms in women, prevent cancerous tumours, repair sun damage, aid digestion, even stimulate milk production in nursing mothers”. Unfortunately, this kind of miraculous, sweeping statement is far from an isolated incident in the tea world. If research shows these many wondrous benefits, it would be great to read about them from well documented sources. Now, on with the review...

This blend features honeybush that has been infused with passion fruit and lemon oils. Heather and safflower petals have also been added. It has a rather woody appearance, with lots of sawdust-like pieces mingling together. The sprinkling of safflower petals adds a bit of colour, otherwise the tisane displays a range of brown tones. The aroma is very fruity, but unexpectedly closer to cherries and strawberries than passion fruit and lemon. While it's not unpleasant, it's a bit strong and not entirely natural-seeming in its intensity.

I infused a heaping teaspoonful of the blend in 8 ounces of freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. The light, tan coloured liquor has a pungent fruity aroma that is completely different from the dry blend's: I definitely smell passion fruit now, and something like very ripe papaya. The passion fruit dominates the flavour profile. It imparts a very floral, perfume-like quality to the blend. Perhaps the heather and safflower also have a role to play in this. It reminds me of the flowery flavour of lychees as well. I have a hard time picking out any citrus flavour per se, although that doesn't mean there's no lemon oil there. It's also hard to pick out the flavour of the honeybush underneath the fruit flavour. There is a slight metallic flavour tinged with caramel that I think must be it. The long lasting finish is sweet and lightly tangy. Overall this blend makes for a smooth, flowery and fruity tisane that's rather relaxing to drink and very, very sweet. I really feel adding a sweetener to this would be overkill, if such a thing is possible!

The blend easily handles a second, 8 minute-long steep. The passion fruit flavour is virtually unchanged. The cup is a bit lighter bodied in feel, but otherwise it's just as good as the first.

I also had part of a cup iced. The passion fruit takes on a watermelon bent when cold. It's surprisingly much less sweet this way but still sweet enough that it doesn't require any sweetener. While it's good cold, I prefer this blend warm.

This tisane combines fruity and floral flavours in a very sweet cup. Those who really don't like tart, acidic fruity tisanes would do well to check this one out. The passion fruit flavour is up front and centre, in a smooth and flowery sort of way. Well worth it!

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