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Thumbs up!"A superb, award winning example of a high quality, handmade Jasmine Tea from Canton Tea Co. Perfectly balance has been achieved between the Tea and the Jasmine flowers."
Kyle’s Teaview: 9.2/10
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cantonteajasminepearlsCanton Tea Co. is an excellent supplier of high quality Chinese Teas, based in Bristol, UK. Their Jasmine Pearls are rated very highly, having won gold awards in the "Great Taste Awards" several years running. Made traditionally by hand and scented and flavoured with fresh Jasmine flowers, carefully layered with the rolled leaves over several nights. Dragon Pearls has been added to celebrate year of the Dragon in this case.

The raw leaves are elegant balls, tightly rolled, that show off the soft young leaves and shoots. Indeed the fine hairs characteristic of high quality white teas can be sean on shoots coiled within the balls. This gives the balls a very pretty, slightly stripy appearance which is most pleasing to the eye. As to aroma, the Jasmine is definitely apparent and yet not overpowering, allowing the soft, fresh and gentle aroma of the leaves themselves plenty of space.

Its pleasant to brew this in a glass teapot as watching the balls unfurl is an added enjoyment of this tea. I brewed, as per the instructions, with water at 75 degrees Celsius, allowing a teaspoon of tea for about 200ml of water. Brewing time was recommended at 2-3 minutes, I tried both. Up to three brewings are also recommended, I tried two.

At the two minute mark, the liquor gives a gentle, light greenish gold color with soft subtle taste of white tea and plenty of jasmine notes, especially lingering on the palette afterwards which was most enjoyable. At the three minute mark the liquor was a much more distinctive bright, almost sparkling golden color with the pleasing aroma of fresh Jasmine. In taste this brewing was warm and smooth with the freshness of a white tea. The Jasmine flavor and aroma was much more distinctive, smooth on the palette and accompanied by a pleasing sweetness that is not often enough found in a Jasmine tea. A well rounded taste that balances both the tea and the Jasmine very well and exhibits none of the bitterness of soapiness found in other Jasmine teas. Very pleasing and definitely a major plus to find these qualities in this Jasmine tea.

On the second brewing at two minutes much of the Jasmine flavor was lost and yet it still gave a very enjoyable smooth, soft white tea taste with the sweetness found in the first brewing. However, avoid going as long as three minutes on a second brewing as it begins to become somewhat cloying and looses the delicate nature earlier exhibited.

Overall an exceptionally pleasing example of Jasmine tea, with a taste that continues to linger of the palette, both with tea notes and most surprisingly the sweet flavor of Jasmine is still very much apparent as well as hanging around on the nose. And joy of joys, not a smidge of that of-putting bitter soapiness so often found in a Jasmine tea. I’d certainly purchase this again, indeed this is already my second order!

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Jasmine Pearl Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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