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Thumbs up!"The fruit is well balanced - it's not overly sweet from the pineapple nor over-ripe and musky from the papaya. Just right!"
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This decaffeinated tea offering from Tea District is a simple green tea blend with open leaf and curled leaves along with twigs ranging in color from tan to olive to black (I originally thought this was an oolong tea). There are large chunks of dried papaya and pineapple interspersed in the blend. The sweet scent is balanced between the sharp, slightly alcohol like scent of papaya and the super sweet and creamy aroma of pineapple. The tea offers up a smooth and pleasantly, naturally tropical scent.

I used a teaspoon of leaf to 8 ounces of 205 degree water. I infused for three minutes and sweetened my cup lightly with stevia.

The color of the tea is light to medium copper. It's got a pleasant, natural tropical scent.

I find the taste to be very good, which impresses me as I can be very critical of both decaffeinated teas (which often just taste a little on the flattened side) as well as flavored teas (which can taste just plain weird if not done well). I like the very natural taste of the fruit in the tea. With a little sweetener, you get a dessert like flavor but with good lightness. The fruit is well balanced - it's not overly sweet from the pineapple nor over-ripe and musky from the papaya. This is a good tasting flavored tea. I like that it's decaffeinated and passes the taste tests. For these reasons especially I can see it being a nice choice for iced tea in the summer, or for a nice match to summer time fruit desserts. It could be enjoyed equally well mid morning when you are still in the mood for tea but don't want to increase your amperage with extra caffeine.

I give this one high marks for natural tasting flavor. It's a gentle, enjoyably flavored cup with a blessed absence of highly candy-like artificial taste. It's also an attractive blend. The big pieces of dried fruit make it look impressive rather than skimpy! I'd like to try it over ice for the summer months. Good!

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