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Its OK"Its... really different. "
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This peculiar blend of:

Luxury premium gynostemma, natural dried lemon, green mate, peppermint, ginger, lemon grass.

sure smells lemony. It appears to be, in essence, a Lemon flavored green maté which makes use of the Chinese herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum, or Chinese "twisting vine orchid" although its not at all an orchid, called Jiaogulan in china, its a medicinal herb used mostly locally for quite some time. Maybe they are trying to ride the wave of the next fad herbal medicine, or maybe they just like the taste. At any rate I enjoy lemon so here I go!

taking a nice big snort-full of the brewing beverage while my timer ticks away the six long minutes until I may sip I'm hit with a solid lemon-balm-like smell, accompanied by a savory mint-like aroma. Totally worth fogging up my new glasses.

Its pretty rare to taste something totally different, but this would be it. Slightly cocoa like (go figure), and lemony, with a herbal backbone. The lemon and lemon balm come through incredibly strongly, and the herbal notes just sort of stand at the side, neither harmonizing nor conflicting. Its... interesting. Its not bad, in fact were I a bigger fan of strong tisanes I'd probably love it, but its just not really my thing. I'll finish the pot, I'll tell friends who are into this sort of thing, but I don't know that I'd buy it myself.

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