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Not Great"New Sensation has a gorgeous, deep ruby red color. This tisane's flavor reminds me of cooked vegetables and the peppery finish left me feeling as if I were about to sneeze."
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I’ll be the first to admit that if a tea has a pretty-sounding name and interesting description I am a great deal more likely to want to purchase it.  Petty as it sounds, I all too often fall for tea company’s marketing strategies.  This was certainly the case with New Sensation from Hari’s Treasure when they described this blend with the words: “We love the old feeling of a new sensation.  And we certainly love the refreshing taste of hibiscus and mint.”  Me too, me too!  I couldn’t wait to try this one!

Hari’s Treasure is a product line from Hari Teas, a company based overseas.  Their website has a link to an “Our Company” page, but there is no information listed.  The “Shop Online” link lists many European countries and the United States, but only two retailers are recognized in the US to purchase from, those being and  Since very little information was listed on the Hari Teas’ website, I actually had to go to Amazon’s page to locate a list of the ingredients in New Sensation.  The ingredients include hibiscus, fennel, rose hips, spearmint, peppermint, cinnamon, green rooibush, apple, roasted chicory, blackberry leaf, black pepper, ginseng extract, coconut, tumeric root and rose petals.

New Sensation comes neatly packaged in petite cotton bags.  The teabag itself has an earthy, almost floral scent with a tinge of mint.  These pure cotton teabags meant that it was not easy to view the contents inside, although I did feel some larger pieces of something in the bag.  I was pleased to find the time and temperature recommendations printed on the little tag attached to the teabag, since this information wasn’t listed online.  I used 1 teabag and steeped for 5 minutes in boiling water.  The resulting liquor was a gorgeous, deep ruby red color.  The aroma from the cup was of a delicate, minty floral fragrance that was heavenly.

After experiencing the enticing, savory aroma emanating from my teacup, the initial taste of this blend was a let down.  I have sat here pondering for a while, gotten up and walked around, and sat back down again while contemplating how to describe the uniquely odd flavor of this tisane.  It has an almost vegetal flavor with very little mint.  The finish is peppery, and I often felt like I was about to sneeze during the first few sips.  I’ve not experienced this with any other teas, so I can only assume that it is the black pepper combination with the other ingredients.  The nice minty finish that I was imagining in my mind was definitely absent, and after swallowing I felt as if I had just ate roasted carrots with ground black pepper, or some other unknown combination of an earthy vegetable.  To its credit, this tisane did get a trifle more minty as it cooled, although the sneezy pepper taste and sensation remained until the last drop.  The vegetal flavor also diminished with the addition of sweetener.  I won’t deny that this cup was certainly a ‘new sensation’ for me, I’m just not quite sure if it is a flavor that I would willingly prepare the next time a tea craving hits.




— To purchase Hari’s Treasure New Sensation, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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