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When I was in college, my chums called me " Cora Lee."  They spelled it "Corley," which was a derivative of the even MORE embarrassing, family-given nickname, "Corlums."

I hadn't thought about my "Corley" days in years.  But this tea, with it's dark liquor and it's sultry aroma, took me instantly back to Arizona State University.

Always a fan of  spicy stuff, I often served my dorm guests hot cinnamon tea.  It became rather famous, and for years after college, it was known as "Corley Tea."  My friends asked for it by name.

If Cinnamon Vogue (CV)  had been around back then, their tea would have saved me the time-consuming work of steeping cinnamon sticks.  I could have just poured boiling water over their silky, pyramid bags stuffed with cinnamon-infused chunks of Ceylon leaves.

The smell of this tea brewing was all cinnamon.  The flavor, though, was expertly balanced for a person who loves both cinnamon and strong black tea.  It was neither too astringent, or  too spicy.  It was simply a comforting cup of tea that was easy to brew.  CV recommended using one bag for a small pot, claiming that a bag makes 2 cups.  I used an eight-ounce mug, because I like tea on the stronger side.

Cinnamon Vogue specializes in high-quality cinnamon--not tea.  This cinnamon tea is the only tea they sell.  But after trying it, I doubt I could find a better version.  Even my own recipe was a slapdash combination of cheap orange pekoe and even cheaper cinnamon.   Still, my memories of those days and those friends are precious.  I thank CV for producing this excellent product and for a heartwarming trip down memory lane.  I rate the tea an 8.5.

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2 Responses to “Review: Cinnamon Vogue Ceylon Cinnamon Tea”

  1. Barb Says:

    I’m giving a 10 – however, this is my very first encounter with cinnamon tea – but I’ve certainly enjoyed it. Since it’s stated that one bag makes a couple of cups – which is what I did, in a handy container – I assume it will be ok in the ‘fridge for a few days and that it’s ok to micro to heat up?

  2. CJ Says:

    Barb, so sorry for the delay in responding. I don’t read my reviews when they come out…

    Anyway, if you’re still interested, my take on refrigerating tea is that I do it only with herbals or unflavored teas. You’ve probably already tried your chilled and reheated cinnamon tea, and I’m sure it was passable, or better. In my experience, cinnamon makes a tea cloudy, especially when the tea is cold. Seems less appetizing to me that way.

    That being said, the Chinese say, “If you like it, it is good!” I hope you are continuing to have fun with tea!

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