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Its OK"Karmic Rebirth. Creative name right? It just seems that the creativity in the name draws me into many of the teas that I try."
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Karmic Rebirth. Creative name right? It just seems that the creativity in the name draws me into many of the teas that I try. The marketing teams might have to pat themselves on the back! Im truly a sucker for cool packaging. This one in particular was a bagged herbal tea boasting its detoxifying qualities. Nücha Herbal Tea Company is a relatively new brand (started in 2011) with several lines of herbal teas that all are formulated to help the body in a different way. They all have creative names to!

Starting with the packaging, a simple tear package granted access to the bag itself. The wrapper was very unique in the fact that I actually plan to keep in in my collection due to the philosophical quotes inscribed on it. That only added to the cool factor. I was slightly disappointed with the size of the bag itself. Very tiny. That only means 2 things, either there is not much tea in the bag itself, or the tea won't have a chance to expand. In this case, it was the former. Strike one.

As with most of my herbal, bagged samples, I brewed this one in the "grandpa" style, just letting it sit and steep while I sipped away. The first thing I noticed was the slightly minty, vegetal aroma of the leaves. Smelt of damp hay. I love it. The smell alone comforted me. As the tea began to brew longer and longer, the color of the liquor turned from pale white to a yellowish tinge. I sat in anticipation, waiting for the proper time to drink and feel the detox start to take place. My thoughts are that it is supposed to be drank in large quantities or often in order to feel effects. I guess I am just waiting for a miracle tea that works instantly!

The main ingredients for this herbal blend include chamomile, jasmine, licorice, and osmanthus. All of those ingredients, believe it or not, have a very strong flavor and aroma on their own. They even contribute a significant amount of both flavor and aroma when blended. Upon first sip, I thought to myself, where did the flavor go? Why is there nothing in my cup?!? All I smelt was the faint bit of chamomile and a strong whiff of osmanthus. Strike two.

The liquor itself was very thin bodied and bland. Slightly vegetal with a taste most similarly compared to a traditional Yerba Maté. The taste could also be said as hay-like. Not very pleasing in my opinion. I immediately pictured a chinese medicine man using this blend to treat for ancient illnesses. At this point I needed to put my cup down and go for a walk to clear my mind (and my taste buds). Lucky for me, that when I returned, the tea had cooled and developed a natural sweetness. I was blown away. Over an hour had passed and the tea bag was still steeping. Only after the extreme time had flavor begun to build in the cup! I have come to the final decision that this tea is to be brewed using cold-steeping methods for iced teas in order develop any flavor at all.

— To purchase Nücha Karmic Rebirth, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Samantha Says:

    I find this interesting…I am working on my review on A Touch of Zen from this company and I had the same impression. All I could think of is that typical movie scene with the rain forest medicine man mixing up some ancient concoction of herbs and says “here take this” and the recipient gawks at the awful flavor. I am also drawn towards the odd names and Karmic Rebirth is up soon. I think I’m going to drink it everyday for a week and really test it’s detoxifying claims.

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