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Thumbs up!"It’s lovely in lemon, like lemongrass to the nth degree, bold and bright."
Raven’s Teaview: 7.2/10
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I must admit, after spotting guayusa offerings about, I’ve been eying it for awhile. Not stalking and no restraining orders were needed but I have stolen a glance or two and done some some serious contemplation. Amidst Stash’s empire of teas, they always seem to try and keep on trend and this includes having a number of herbal and alternative teas, with several yerba mate and guayusa offerings as both loose leaf and bagged options. Easy on the pocketbook and portable, their bagged versions are often just as easy to find. Since lemon seems to go with everything and bring a little cheer along the way, as my first guayusa, their Guayusa with Lemon seemed a safe but intriguing try.

While the loose leaf version appears on their website, the tea bags don’t seem to have made it there yet. Fortunately, it’s not a problem with the steeping instructions included on the package. The package is sassy enough Yet, out of the package the bag is brimming with lemony scent. Bright and indeed cheery, it hits plenty of high notes with a citrusy zing mingling with an herbal hum. While uplifting, its intensity is almost ether-like with a rim of pinesol on the lemon notes have a bit of Pledge tone but it is often the way with lemon.

After a five minute steep as the bag directs, the brew may not be decked out with a lemony peel in its golden brown hue but it certainly has a vibrant lemony scent. It smells much like you might expect from the ingredients with a glowing lemon oil, lemongrass lemon, sweet with a bit of polish and herbal, more so than a tart or fruitier lemon in its vibe. The herbal notes feed the lemongrass likeness with a reed-like marjoram or minty chamomile herbaceousness backing the citrus. The brew tastes just as lemony as it smells, although the flavour is largely lemongrass-like. With a light to medium body, the sip is saturated with a lovely lemon flavour. A bit of acid might help perk it up for on the finish, the lemon seems to coat one tongue, almost numbing, from presumably the lemon oil, as the sip finishes with a sense of a cypress or eucalyptus oil. This heaviness makes it seem more warming than uplifting and clean as some lemongrass based blends can be. Yet, with a medium long aftertaste, the lemon, a bit more Pledge-like, lingers on and them some as one continues through the cup.

Although re-steeping can be touchy with bagged teas, the bag bursts on out through a second cup, not so different from the first. The bouquet maintains a medium lemony aroma akin to lemon oil. Similarly, the tea’s flavour is near as full despite a lighter body. Still reminiscent of lemongrass, it pleasantly glows with more of a lemon oil flavour that falls into a hint of cypressy green,as the aftertaste remains faithfully long, almost a bit too much so.

With so much lemon love, Stash’s Guayusa with Lemon wouldn’t disappoint lemon lovers. And it is all about the lemon. While the guayusa likely enhances the herbaceousness of the lemon that seems like the lemongrass, it’s hard to tease out its own character, simplifying the blend. As such, without knowing, it might be mistaken for a completely herbal blend, a well oiled one that is. But even without pucker power, the lemon empowered cup has enough oomph to pass up the lemonade.

— To purchase Stash Guayusa with Lemon, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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