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Its OK"A heavily nutty flavour with strong roasted overtones."
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Right from the start, this tea has something pretty big going against me ever wanting to buy it. Hayes Tea, small company that it is, only sells two types of tea. No, not two different genres of tea (say, green and black), just two teas. So that's a pretty small selection, which I already don't love, but as I'm looking at the website, I see that both of their teas are out of stock. So even if I wanted to buy from these guys, I can't. There's nothing to buy.

That being said, were this in stock, it would be really affordable, so that's nice. The leaves are broad and flat, but they are a dull, darker shade of green than I prefer to find with Dragonwell teas, but it isn't something I don't think I can work with. I steep one heaping teaspoon at 175° for one minute.

The cup is a pale green with a nutty, sharp scent. It has a heavily nutty flavour with strong roasted overtones. It's not really vegetal, and there's no sweetness. I like Dragonwells that are subtle, sweet, maybe vegetal with hits of macadamia This has nuttiness, though it's more like roasted black walnuts than delicate pine nuts balanced with honey. My second steep has some astringency in the finish, though it's still a decent cup.

At this price point and based on the appearance of the leaves, I didn't expect a lot from this tea, and that's what it delivered. It was perfectly Okay; the sort of thing I'd throw into a cart at the end of the order if I was running low on green tea or needed an extra few dollars to put it over a "free shipping if you spend over xx dollars" threshold. But since this is only one of two teas offered by this company, you're automatically going out of your way to get it, and I can't say it's worth going out of your way.

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