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Thumbs up!"Delicious cup that has its place for in my cabinets for when my grandparents visit but want a more elevated cup of tea."
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driftwoodrubyoolongThis particular oolong is from the Chiang Rai Province in Thailand from the Summer 2012 flush, or harvest for the less tea minded. The label on the bag provide directions for both long and short brewing methods, which I find very interesting. The 'Long and less' directions recommend 1 tsp of tea per person in a pot of 95º water. Infuse for 2 minutes. The directions do not mention Fahrenheit or Centigrade.

For the 'shorter and more' directions, they are referring to the asian gongfu style of brewing where you use 1 Tbsp of tea per 150ml of water heated to the same 95º. This time you only infuse for 30 seconds. This method allows multiple infusions where the infusion time increases by 10 seconds each time.

Moving into my personal favorite way to brew, the western style or the aptly named 'Long and Less'. I used 2 tsp of tea for 8 oz of water heated to 195ºF. I let the leaves infuse for 2 minutes.

The dry leaf is very dark in color, almost green-black. Tightly rolled leaves with brown stems attached. Aroma is very musty, earthy. Reminds me of delicate mushrooms.

The wet leaf opened by 1/2. Very full brewer after infusion due to expansion of leaves. Woody and aromatic while still remaining dark in color.

The liquor looks and smells like basic Lipton black tea. Color is relatively dark for an oolong of this caliber. I was expecting more of a reddish color given the name 'Ruby' oolong. Flavor is plain but enjoyable before bed or early in the morning. Earthy flavors that mimic the aroma. Smooth and silky on the palate really round out the cup.

Overall, very decent. Delicious cup that has its place for in my cabinets for when my grandparents visit but want a more elevated cup of tea. Sometimes Lipton just doesn't cut it.

— To purchase Driftwood Teas Organic Ruby Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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