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Thumbs up!"The light gold liquor holds a pleasant brightness through the first steeping and is accompanied by that floral sweetness Baozhong enthusiasts long for."
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Out with the needless foofiness typically associated with tea drinking and in with a no-nonsense yet knowledgable and inspired vendor. Having studied at London's Le Cordon Bleu, Driftwood Tea's founder James Henderson has developed a sensitive palate now dedicated to discovering "fresher loose leaf teas." Every variety, selected personally by Henderson, showcases his aim to deliver a great-tasting selection without an unconditional adherence to grade or aesthetics. Needless to say, Driftwood offers an enticing concept to sharing quality loose leaf.

Promising key flavors of "grilled peaches," "lilac and orchid," and "Mediterranean herbs" in its popular Baozhong, Driftwood ensures its buyers of an experience that even Henderson's non-tea drinking father can savor. Something of a sage green in color, the leaves of the Baozhong are noticeably wiry compared to most, and the fragrance of the dry leaves is not quite as vibrant as one might expect. Nevertheless, the submerged leaves hold all of the familiar characteristics of an enjoyable Baozhong in both their taste and aroma.

The light gold liquor holds a pleasant brightness through the first steeping and is accompanied by that floral sweetness Baozhong enthusiasts long for. While the tea's smoothness is very evident, it does not have the same roundedness of other top-notch oolongs. Driftwood's specially selected Baozhong is a well-balanced and unique leaf that refuses any bitterness through any of its infusions, yet the enjoyable characteristics of the tea are almost entirely lost from anything other than the initial cup. While Baozhong does not typically hold its distinct tasting notes intact for very long, the Driftwood variety dramatically tails off. Flavor is there, mind you, but there isn't much of it.

For that perfect brew, Driftwood recommends a time of 2 minutes for a normal infusion and a shorter duration of 30 to 40 seconds under a traditional Gong Fu method. In each, use water at about 175°F and steep with increasing time increments for further infusions, as Baozhong typically demands - and can thus withstand - longer ensuing brews. Using a teapot with a greater amount of water, expect 2-3 worthwhile cups before completely fading out.

Aside from the insignificant post-initial infusions, there really is little to complain about Driftwood's satisfying Baozhong. In all actuality, there is much to praise about the modestly priced tea. Few Baozhongs are so bright off the bat, and Driftwood's possesses a wonderful peachiness that clings to the tastebuds long after the final sip. Still, this isn't the best you'll find, and the tea just doesn't quite hold up enough to warrant a stellar recommendation.

— To purchase Driftwood Tea Organic Bao Zhong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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