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Thumbs up!"Slightly grassier than most, Canton’s Dragon Well still strictly maintains the distinct flavors associated with premier Longjings yet surpasses nearly all of its kind."
Daniel’s Teaview: 9.5/10
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cantonsuperiordragonwellLongjing, literally meaning “Dragon Well,” markedly stands as the most famous of all Chinese teas and for good reason. Offering a wide range of grades – from low to very high (and very expensive) grades – Dragon Well has appealed to the casual, everyday drinker as well as the devoted tea connoisseur. As prevalent as Longjing may be, Canton Tea Co has managed to deliver a truly superb tea with unique notes not found in even other high quality Dragon Wells.

The flat, spear-like leaves of the tea are a light yellow-green immediately indicative of their high grade. Even after multiple infusions, the leaves still hold fast to their brightly colored, slender appearance and emit a nutty yet faintly melony aroma that lingers well after each brew. Earlier brews in particular boast a smooth, mellow sweetness in redolence that in it of itself is something to admire. The soft, pale green liquor instantly draws out the hints of chestnut so characteristic of the tea. Slightly grassier than most, Canton’s Dragon Well still strictly maintains the distinct flavors associated with premier Longjings yet surpasses nearly all of its kind. Despite the tea’s delicate nature, each infusion holds incredible detail and depth that stays true even through its pleasantly long aftertaste.

Canton Tea recommends brewing one tablespoon per cup (200ml) at a temperature of 149°F in order to allow for multiple infusions. I typically brew under a more standard method, using just over a teaspoon for about 7 oz. of water at a temperature of 175°F. Under such brewing methods, one can expect two solid brews with weaker and less complex (yet still worthwhile) cups into the third and fourth brews. Unless you have a yixing pot specifically dedicated to Longjing, a glass infuser offers the best overall brewing experience. I find that working with smaller amounts of water better captures the many subtleties of the tea, while using larger proportions of both leaves and water risks losing a faint amount of its unique sweetness.

Overall, Canton Tea Co’s Superior Organic Dragon Well is indeed superior to any other Dragon Well I’ve had the great pleasure of experiencing. Green tea enthusiasts need not look elsewhere for a high quality Longjing, as Canton Tea Co easily has one of the best you can find.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Superior Dragon Well Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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