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Its OK"Coffee Fruit Tea, eh? This one is a bit odd. "
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HulaDaddyLogoCoffee Fruit Tea, eh? This one is a bit odd. The website did not provide much definitive info. No brewing directions, history, or anything of the like. I completely winged this whole brew.

For this unique blend, I used 1 tsp per 5 ounces of water heated to 190ºF. I will infuse for 3 minutes. This whole formula is based completely on conjecture. Being there is no "tea" in the blend I could probably increase the time and temperature to 212ºF and 5 minutes but that is for another time.

Even before I added any water to the blend, the product seemed moist. It has a sweet and sour aroma. Picture the way chinese food sweet and sour sauce tastes and turn that into a smell. Crazy right? This looks to be using the pulp and skins from around the coffee bean. Its the remnants of the coffee cherry. Stale coffee aroma indicative of future flavors.

The aroma of the liquor is not pleasant at all. Hints of moldy, wet, drywall; rotting hay, and chocolate. Flavor is on par with the sweet and sour sauce. Takes quite a bit of effort to get used to the flavor. Color is a dirty golden. Minerality notes kick in the aftertaste. Medium Body. Coffee flavor is hidden. The longer the steep, the more acidity in the brew.

The wet leaves present a more intense sweet and sour aroma. The acidity is more pungent, similar to catching a whiff of vinegar.

Im not too sure of the health benefits or reasoning for using this product. Knowing how coffee beans are removed from the pulp, (chemically in most cases), adds another level of intrigue.

Regardless, the beverage is not terrible. Interesting flavor profile using the sweet and sour analogy one last time. It is definitely a flavor combo I have not yet experienced in tea before.

— To purchase Hula Daddy Kona Coffee – Coffee Fruit Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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