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Its OK"...the nuttiness trademark to just about any Long Jing is nowhere to be found."
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teavivredragonsuperfineFor many passionate tea-drinkers, organic loose leaf is an absolute essential. Thankfully, Teavivre is one of the few to provide full lineups of the pesticide-free variety. Coupled with an attractive affordability, Teavivre's exclusively organic products have attracted many tea drinkers. Aside from friendly samples, my first exposure to the vendor came only recently with what is unquestionably my favorite leaf.

The Long Jing leaves enclosed in Teavivre's tightly wrapped package seemed pleasant enough, with a familiar aroma and consistent, pale green color. Under a 1-2 minute infusion at a water temperature of 175°F, the resulting liquor was quite unlike any other Dragon Well I've had. But its standout nature wasn't an ideal one, as not a single tastebud detected Long Jing's trademark nuttiness. Regardless, the brew boasted an exquisitely smooth finish with a consistent brightness and an above average green bean aura. The positive elements, however, may have only been artificially elevated due to the tea's lacking chestnut notes.

As with the majority of Long Jings, an infusion of roughly one minute with 1 tsp./8 oz. will serve you with the best results. For each subsequent brew, expect to up the brewing time one minute. While it may work to your benefit to experiment with ranging water temperatures, 175°F is Teavivre's recommended mark. However, in an attempt to bring out some of the desired characteristics of a typical Long Jing, a lower water temperature paired with a higher quantity of leaves and an upped steeping time may do the trick.

There was nothing off-putting about Teavivre's Organic Superfine Dragon Well, but it did fail to exhibit the core features of the distinct and well-loved Chinese tea. And for a cheaper, everyday drink, the price is just a bit too much.

— To purchase Teavivre Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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