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Thumbs up!"The matcha and sencha make a great combo as the matcha’s sweetness smooths the tea’s scent and grassy flavour with a freshness true to its organic origins. "
Raven’s Teaview: 8.3/10
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I have to admit, at first, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around matcha infused sencha.
Infusing leaves with a powder? The mechanics of the dynamics of it threw me, kind of like coffee smoked milk or hot chocolate perfumed rootbeer. But, as it turns out, it’s none so obscure a process/concoction or the result of any such elaborate phase transforming metamorphosis, it is actually just a blend of premium matcha and sencha. Yet, mixing the two is just as intriguing and Aiya’s Organic Matcha Infused Sencha, being organic to boot, certainly invited a try and never having any of Aiya’s teas before, based on their entertaining, fun site, the tea was bound to bear some excitement, if near as animated.

The tea looks as might be expected, with the flat, folded leaf pieces powdered and dusted with a coating of matcha. Somewhere between an army green and muted olive, they are neat, with a matted calm which I think makes their scent more endearing. Moderately fragrant, the tea smells fresh and tender while still having a fulfilling roundness to its scent. The aroma nicely reveals the fusion with a creamy kind of sweetness from the matcha atop more parsley-ish notes of the sencha. While the sweetness is concentrated and kind of like icing, it still seems to pair harmoniously with the savoury side of the sencha while attributing further complexity or depth to the bouquet. It also adds an element of richness that is nicer than if just the sencha alone.

Tearing away from sniffing to brew, Aiya recommends doling out one heaping teaspoon or three grams per cup for one and a half minutes. The brew emerges looking pretty much as one would expect from the mix, faintly translucent with a vivid celery yellow hue. Its scent is perhaps more enticing than it’s grog-like façade, weaving sweetness into a kind of brothiness that is not so green or vegetal but is almost buttery. The medium aroma seems like grassy, cooked rice crispies, hitting lively and wholesome for an enticing entry. Yet, I actually like the tea’s smell better than its taste, as the flavour just seems a bit plainer although still pleasing. The tea’s medium body makes for a slower stride that seems to fall and stop. The flavour echoes the body’s fullness with an opaqueness to the taste that is kind of creamy without being cream-like or dairy-like. Instead, it has a cooked leaf type of grassiness that smoothly reclines into a fresh, grassy aftertaste.

With the second infusion, the opaque brew gets more yellow, in contrast to its scent that gets greener. Lit with a hint of butter and cooked rice, the aroma unfolds in parts, a touch disjointed, first sweet then vegetal, rather than a sweet vegetal. Instead, the vegetal notes are imbued with a waiver of diesel that reminds me some of cooked cauliflower leaves with a greener character. The feel and weight is similar to the first, with a particulate density to its glide that ends bluntly yet, is animated with a fresh spinach and milk kind of flavour. In the finish, the grassy aftertaste lingers, gaining a touch of lime as it builds through the cup.

The matcha fades in a third cup, that is lightly scented with fresh bean stalk aromas, becoming drier and less sweet yet, maintaining a freshness to its bouquet. The flavour mirrors its aroma as drier, mineral flavours lend a dried grass or bean cooking water to the light body that remains smooth with a slight tingle. As it builds, the aftertaste brings a light freshness of young grass to keep it spirited.

After trying Aiya’s Organic Matcha Infused Sencha, the logic of the combination certainly bounces into sense. While the matcha brings some sweetness and depth, the sencha keeps it lighter and not as rich. It’s a lovely compromise for the added sass and smoothness to bump up the sencha without a matcha price tag. Although, the tea’s flavour wasn’t quite as animated as its fragrance, its sweet, smooth savour still makes for a great sip and the fact that it’s organic is sweeter still.

— To purchase Aiya America Organic Matcha-infused Sencha, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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