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Thumbs up!"The sweet raspberry pairs good with the tart pomegranates and winy black tea."
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Ripe Raspberry is a black hibiscus tea by Kally Tea. I took a look at Kally Tea’s website and found that they are passionate about loose leaf tea. They also have a cool deal where, if you purchase 2 ounces, you receive a free mystery tea. Who doesn’t love to try a surprise tea?
The ingredients of this tea are black tea, hibiscus, pomegranate, raspberry, and natural flavors. When looking at the description of Kally Tea’s Ripe Raspberry, I found that they also use lychee (or litchi) berries. Lychee berries are a subtropical fruit native to China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. They have a perfumy, grape-like flavor. I also found that the black tea is Keemun. Keemun is a black chinese tea. It has a more fruity taste and is also said to taste a bit like wine and plums. Depending on the variety, this tea can also taste bitter and smoky. The variety in this mix was more fruity and less bitter which means it is probably an early bud variety.
The tea smells like a mix of raspberry and grapes due to the lychee berries and Keemun. Though I wouldn’t typically combine these two fruits, they balance out well. I could smell a hint of the pomegranate which is often added in raspberry teas. This tea also smelled floral from the hibiscus. I steeped 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of water for 3 minutes. The tea, once steeped, smelled mainly like raspberries. The water was a light brown-red color.
The tea flavor is interesting. The sweet raspberry pairs good with the tart pomegranates and winy black tea. The floral hibiscus is good mixed with the tart pomegranate. After a few sips I also discovered what I believe to be orchid which is likely from the Keemun. This tea is well balanced, but because there are so many strong flavors in it, it is a powerful tea. It doesn’t need much steeping time. Though the tea is sweet, I did add some honey to it. The honey added some smoothness to the tea that softened the tart notes.
This tea has great flavor and great health benefits. Due to the Lychee berries, it contains vitamin C. The Keemun helps eliminate fatigue and is very energizing due to the caffeine. Raspberries and pomegranates contain lots of antioxidants. In conclusion I would say that this is a unique tea with a lot to offer.

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  1. Chip Purkey Says:

    Thank you for the review of our Ripe Raspberry tea. An update to your review, we have removed the mysTEAry tea offer as we only run it for a short time.
    But for the Tea View readers and reviewers, we are opening this offer here only.
    Just place your order and send a separate email to us at: with your order number and the word “mysTEAry” in the subject line and we will honor this offer.
    Happy Holidays to everyone and remember; Keep It Loose!

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