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markwendelldragspecgradThis is a really average Dragonwell, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. While it is creamy, vegetal, and sweet, all characteristics you want to get in (and are average for) a Dragonwell, the flavours aren't as subtle and well-rounded as a high-quality DW, so I'd call this average quality. And as the flavours aren't as subtle, the leaves aren't as finicky to work with as some of the higher-class green teas, so I'd call it of average difficulty to steep (which, for a Dragonwell, is pretty easy to work with).

See? Average.

The only thing that isn't average, to me, is the price, which as I'm getting used to from this company, is affordable. Especially for a tea that is generally of above-average cost, this is priced so you can drink it every day if you want to.

As for how-to-steep, if you're going with Western menthods, I steeped at 180° for 1 minute, 2 minutes, then 5 minutes. But my preferred method of making this is not coincidentally the lazy way: keep the leaves in the water, drink almost to the bottom, add more water, drink, add leaves, water, etc. As long as the water isn't too hot to begin with, any decent Dragonwell won't get bitter, even if you leave it in water for hours. And this, being a distinctly average dragonwell, doesn't get bitter.

I pulled this tea out to sample, and as I was looking at the leaves I thought, hey, this looks familiar. Yup, turns out I already have a box of this on my shelf, and it's my go-to work tea because it's low maintenance yet delicious. I remembered I had bag of Dragonwell at work, but since I never bother to look at the box it came from, I hadn't put together that it's the same as this. So it's a would-buy, as in I did buy, and when this box runs out, I'll buy again because this needs to be on my shelf at all times.

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