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Its OK"I'd like more saffron, but my biggest complaint is that the mint is out of place."
K’s Teaview: 6.4/10
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saffronfusionrainforestThis is certainly a unique blend... It's green mate blended with saffron, rosehips, hibiscus, anise, mint, licorice, cloves, apple, flavours, and a couple of different types of flower petals thrown in for good measure. I love the taste of both saffron and mate, but with all that whatnot added in, I'm not too optimistic that I'll be able to taste either of the ingredients I want.

The flavour is, in a word, odd. It's mate with a myriad of added flavours, largely mint and a hint of saffron. I get anise and the smallest touch of apple, but the whole thing is a bit of an odd combination. Unsurprisingly, I'd like more saffron, but my biggest complaint is that the mint is out of place. It's such a strong flavour, it throws everything off balance. Also odd, I get the clove in the scent, but not in the flavour.

I love saffron, but it is rather expensive, so it's fun to try teas that have such a luxury ingredient added. Unfortunately, the saffron part of this Saffron Fusion infusion is pretty buried under an odd mishmash of other notes. It's not bad, it's just not what I wanted.

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