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Its OK"It has a lovely minty flavor that reminds me of a candy cane but the chocolate part didn’t taste as good as it smelled."
Alexa’s Teaview: 6.4/10
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brewlalachocmintBrew La La tea is part of an online store called Ooh La La Candy. This company was started by a mother and daughter. They don’t just sell tea and candy but they also sell cocoa, coffee, and poupourri. When looking online I couldn’t find a lot of information on their tea apart from the ingredients and where it comes from. I wouldn’t say their main focus is tea but probably candy. Their Chocolate Mint tea is a rooibos tea imported from Sri Lanka. It comes in a small, wrinkly tea bag that isn’t the most attractive. It does smell like a good mix of peppermint and chocolate though. More specifically, I would say it smells like a candy cane and malt chocolate.
The ingredients of this tea are organic rooibos, organic peppermint, natural chocolate flavor, and natural mint flavor. I steeped one tea bag in a mug of water for probably 6 minutes. The water turned a brown color due to the rooibos and chocolate. It smelled very sweet at it steeped which is why it reminds me of a candy cane. I took my first sip and it was pretty much the flavor I was expecting. The tea was sweet but not overly sweet, the bitter chocolate balanced it. It has a lovely minty flavor but the chocolate part didn’t taste as good as it smelled. I’m picky with chocolate flavored teas. They are either spectacular or taste like cardboard. Though the chocolate flavor in the tea wasn’t bad, it wasn’t spectacular. It doesn’t have the nicest aftertaste.
I tried this tea with a little bit of honey and some milk. The honey made it too sweet for me. The milk made the unpleasant aftertaste more subtle. Though the tea was not surprising, it did exceed my expectation since I started off a bit skeptical. Another positive is that peppermint is great for your stomach and calming nerves. The peppermint flavor was quite good. I have a weakness for candy canes and I love that this tea reminded me of one. The chocolate flavor, though not the best, was certainly not the worst. I wouldn’t drink this tea all year round but I do think it’s perfect for the holidays. It would be great tea to have out for guests. It would be a great tea to give as a gift. It is also great tea when you’re are in a hurry and need something convenient.

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