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Its OK"A strong, licorice-root flavor."
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This organic infusion full of  licorice, mint, lavender, and other herbs promised to open up my fifth chakra-the Tantric  energy center of my body located in the throat. It corresponds to voice, breath and creativity.  I could always use some inspiration when it comes to finding my voice, so I brewed up a cup.

Hari Teas does a nice job of creating a mood around their teas.  Every chakra has a color.  Chakra five is blue.  The packaging for Talk to Me (TTM) is light blue-green, and bears the image of the Hindu God Krishna.  Hari has created a marketing aura that says, "Relax.  Breathe deeply and be honest."  Clear communication is the goal of this mixture.

While drinking this tisane  is probably not enough to improve my communication skills, the ingredients in that little sachet certainly stimulated my throat and chest.  At first sip, a licorice tingle began on the tongue and spread all the way down to my lungs.  The mint and lavender balanced the sensation a bit, but the overwhelming aroma and taste of this blend is licorice.

The tea had a cooling effect on me, and rather irritated my respiratory tract.  Ah well, it never promised to be an decongestant.   But it was a  mildly exotic foray into beginning chakra medicine, a bit of fun, and a pleasant flavor. I would have  prefered that some of the minor herbs like pepper,cloves, and cardamom had played a bigger role.  Plus, if you have allergies, it may irritate you.  Otherwise, it's a decent, before-bed brew.  I rate it a 6.

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