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Thumbs up!"Except for the hint of lemon, this tea is very similar to Daokrajai's Pai Red Tea. "
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DaokralogoDaokrajai’s red teas are also known as black teas in the west and aren’t rooibos like you may think. This red tea has caffeine and is a completely different species from the rooibos. Daokrajai’s red tea is made from the leaves of a Camellia shrub. This particular red tea has one other ingredient, lemongrass. Lemongrass is often used in Asian food and can be used as a replacement for lemon.
I steeped 2 teaspoons of this tea in 2 cups of water. I let it steep for about 5 minutes. The tea leaves are black with long pieces of dry lemongrass. The water turned light brown very quickly due to the red tea leaves and smelled mostly like red tea. I could just detect a hint of lemon. The smell of just the tea leaves is more pungent. The taste is what I expected. I mostly taste the tea and just a hint of lemongrass, as is I had taken a lemon and squeezed a bit of juice into my tea. The bright citrus flavor blends well with the strong, fermented red tea. It’s balanced well but I think I would’ve liked to taste a tad more lemongrass. I ended up making another cup and letting it steep for a little over 8 minutes. This time I could taste a little more lemongrass but the red tea got stronger as well, which may not be pleasant to some pallets.
After having Daokrajai’s Pai Red Tea, I would say this tea tastes exactly the same with just a hint of and earthy, lemon flavor. It’s a nice simple tea with pure, strong flavor. This tea has health benefits as well. Lemongrass is often used in medicined in Asia. It is said to aid sleep and has therapeutic properties. I really enjoyed this robust tea. It is rich as well as acidic.

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