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Thumbs up!"...price-to-quality ratio solely considered, this is the best Dragonwell I've ever had."
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teasenzwestldragonI am constantly in search of a delicious Dragonwell. Without question, my employed heuristics and inclination towards name recognition would not have brought me to this China-based company, and when I saw a purportedly high quality Dragonwell at least than $5 an ounce, I had my doubts. Quite emphatically, however, Teasenz shattered any of these suspicions.

At first glance, Teasenz's Long Jing looks promising, with an attractive lively green and an even, consistent shape across each individual leaf. A redolent aroma is immediately apparent and the vivacity of the strong fragrance is further accentuated through the resulting liquor.

The pale gold brew is a spot-on example of a high quality Long Jing. Mild and delicate, the tea boasts the classic chestnuttiness and a prominent sweetness. A lingering aftertaste provides a certain brightness on the tastebuds, and each sip finishes strong with notes of sweet pea.

Each infusion provides a wonderful balance, though the leaves are slightly more prone to bitterness than most. Provided proper brewing methods, this problem is essentially irrelevant. I typically brewed under 175°F for 0:30-2 minutes depending upon leaf quantity. For a first taste, I would strongly recommend a 0:30-0:45 second infusion with two rounded teaspoons of loose leaf per cup. For those inclined to use milder temperatures, a steep time of two to even three minutes will better suffice.

Nothing about Teasenz's Dragon Well is of a particular standout nature, but it manages to fulfill all of the necessary requirements to deem it as a sound product. Yet despite its somewhat straightforward composition, nothing about the tea is disappointing. To be honest, I was floored upon learning the vendor's almost absurdly low cost.

Purely off of the tea's merits, the Dragonwell is profoundly enjoyable and in no way presents a compromise between quality and price tag. In fact, price-to-quality ratio solely considered, this is the best Dragonwell I've ever had. Without question, Teasenz will be and is on the top of my go-to list for a refreshing and affordable option of my absolute favorite tea.

— To purchase Teasenz West Lake Dragonwell, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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