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Thumbs up!"This tea is superb! The freshness and the slight kick of flavor balance flawlessly. It is easy to just drink cup after cup of this tea."
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cantonmianjinjadeI often find that the teas I enjoy the most, the teas I tend to remember, are teas that take me back to a moment in time. As I opened up my small bag of Jade Tips from Canton Tea Co. my nose was immediately filled with the sweet, grassy scent of the leaves. Like a dream, I was instantly taken to a moment in my past; carrying hay out to my horse for him to devour. This tea smells strikingly similar to hay - but even better! It is sweet, fresh, and unlike hay, I don’t get an itchy nose whilst smelling it.
This tea is from the Fujian Province in China and is grown in cool, mountain air. On Canton’s website, you can see exact pictures of where this tea is grown. The pictures show the green plants with mountains in the background. In the picture it does look cool and misty.
I steeped 2 teaspoons in a little over 1 cup of water. The water instantly turned a pale yellow/green as the deep green leaves soaked. This tea doesn’t need to steep long. After only 3 minutes the tea was ready to be enjoyed. After steeping, the tea had a very grassy, vegetal smell which reminded me more of a vegetable broth. The taste is superb! The freshness and the slight kick of flavor balance flawlessly. It is easy to just drink cup after cup of this tea. The aftertaste is sweet and grassy. Of all the other green teas I’ve tasted this past month, this surpasses them in taste and freshness. It tastes like these leaves were just picked and dried the other day. Absolutely no hint of staleness.
This tea contains a little caffeine and is a good tea to drink from morning to afternoon. Green teas can help boost alertness, reduce headaches, and help digestion. I had a cup of this tea when I had a headache and I would say it helped me feel more relaxed. Green tea is often said to help reduce stress. I often drink this tea to stay hydrated during the day as well. It’s a great tea to keep handy.

— To purchase Canton Tea Co. Jade Tips, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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