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Not Great"No matter the brewing method, I could not help but equate the tea's composition with a mouthful of toothpicks. "
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culinarydragonwellWith one of the largest selections of loose leaf, Culinary Teas is a splendid choice for affordable and unique varieties (Caramel Cherry Cheesecake, Grapefruit, and Jamaican Rum to name a few). Aside from the seemingly endless array of fruit tisanes, dessert teas, and other flavored blends, Culinary Teas sells an equally abundant line of straight teas, the ever-popular DragonWell included.

Culinary's DragonWell shows off a particularly dark sage green with a strong "woody" aroma, both of which are typical antitheses to superior grades. Once brewed, the tea maintains an unfortunate level of the tree bark-like notes (though I suppose I cannot judge from personal experience), subtracting from any potential sweetness and subtle nuttiness.

When brewed under very conservative conditions, the resulting liquor escapes the majority of the unsavory characteristics. This, of course, is at the cost of eliminating the bulk of its flavor profile altogether. Regardless of whatever infusion's duration, a lingering bitterness clings to the tastebuds well after the final sip. No matter the brewing method, I could not help but equate the tea's composition with a mouthful of toothpicks.

I obtained the best results with an infusion of one minute under 160°F. Less is more in the case of this particular DragonWell. As such, take care to use no more than a leveled teaspoon, unless much shorter infusions are intended.

In sum, Culinary Tea's DragonWell is only so in name alone. The leaves' second infusion promised more palatableness, but the tea posed little but the unforgiving challenge to drink it. On perhaps the sole positive note, the tea is as cheap as any DragonWell gets. I for one, however, would encourage buyers to look elsewhere.

— To purchase Culinary Teas DragonWell, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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