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BluechailogoThis Herbal Blue tea, from Blue Chai, was probably one of the most peculiar teas I’ve had. Blue Chai is an organic tea company offering a limited selection of tea, most popular being their Herbal Blue Chai. This company was started by Stefan, who discovered this tea while studying in Bangkok, Thailand. After leaving Thailand, he was unable to find this tea. He decided to create Blue Chai in order to share this special tea with the world.

While looking at this tea, my first thought was, “What is Herbal Blue Chai?” Blue Chai is made with dried Butterfly Pea Flowers. Since it is made of flowers, it is considered an herbal tea. In Thailand, this flower is used in cooking, decorating, and even health products. The flowers are handpicked in Northern Thailand and are then sun-dried. While looking at these dried flowers, I was intrigued by the deep blue color.

I steeped 1 teaspoon of this tea in a cup of boiling water. The flowers steeped for about 4 minutes. While watching the flowers steep, I was stunned at the color of the water. It turned an unnaturally bright blue - as if I was about to drink some very concentrated cool-aid! Despite being completely natural, the color looks like the result of some chemical experiment. The smell was interesting. To be quite honest it smelled like citrusy, steamed spinach.

The taste, though similar to the smell, is a tad different. It is surprisingly sweet. This tea is definitely unique in both flavor and color! On Blue Chai’s website, I discovered that this tea actually changes color when combined with lemon juice. Needless to say I immediately squeezed fresh lemon juice into my tea. The color quickly changed from deep blue to bright purple, as promised. The tea also tastes lovely with some lemon. It already seemed a bit citrusy to me and the lemon goes well with the spinach flavor.

Along with being fun to look at and a unique tea experience, this tea has health benefits! Butterfly pea flowers can help improve the sharpness of vision as well as improve night vision. It is known to improve cell health and promotes healthy skin. This tea is also caffeine-free! If you are looking for a tea to entertain then this is the tea to buy.

— To purchase Blue Chai Organic Herbal Blue Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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