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Thumbs up!"I literally can't think of a single reason not to buy it."
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teasenzdragonpearlsThis is my first sample from Teasenz, but I'm excited from the start because their website is fantastic. It's very attractive and full of information about the teas, and it has $5 worldwide shipping. The only downside so far for me is that the website likes to tout the possible health benefits of tea, something that annoys me for two reasons: Most of those benefits don't have enough evidence to support them, and I drink tea for the taste rather than the possible benefits.

But Teasenz quickly makes up for this minor complaint by having a really amazing leaf. Dry, they look like the usual for jasmine pearls. They're tight grey and white balls that smell strongly of jasmine though surprisingly fruity. Steeped, it's not subtly jasmine scented; it's rich and appealing.

The flavour is strongly jasmine backed by a brilliantly sweet white tea. Sometimes jasmine teas can be harsh, but this is incredibly smooth.

My second steep still smells strongly jasmine. Though it's less sweet and has a more subtle jasmine flavour than the first cup, it's still an excellent steep. There's no bitterness, no harshness, and it's still jasmine enough that obviously it's a properly scented tea as opposed to one of those cheap jasmine flavoured teas where the flavour only lasts one infusion.

I'm not one to hand out a 10/10 very often (in over 500 reviews, this is all of my second perfect score), and I debated for quite some time whether I should give it to this tea or not. I can't say why not, other than the fact that I'm stingy, but eventually I came to the conclusion that there's literally nothing wrong with this tea. It's got no bitterness, harshness, astringency. The flavour is exactly what I want and expect from a jasmine pearl tea. The website is fantastic. And, especially for a pearl tea, this is extremely affordable. Unless you don't like this type of tea, I literally can't think of a single reason not to buy it.

— To purchase Teasenz Jasmine Dragon Pearls, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Sara L. Says:

    You’ve convinced me, Katie! Jasmine is one of my favorite types of tea, and this one from Teasenz sounds incredible because of your review. I might just have to go order some soon – or maybe now!

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