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Not Great"Let the past life of purple ketchup be our ultimate lesson: the "wow effect" of dyed edibles quickly wears off if not off-putting altogether."
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BluechailogoNever before have I experienced a tea with the dry and stepped leaves as well as the resulting liquor all indistinguishable in taste and aroma from one another. Of course, neither have I managed to come across an infusion of a bold blue color. Indeed, the brew of these blue leaves makes for a most peculiar concoction, one that transforms into a vibrant purple with just a spritz of lime or lemon. Literally, the tea tastes and smells just like asparagus and to a point somewhat unsettling. Upon detection, the look and unique characteristics of the tea are fascinating enough, but the experience of actually drinking the tea is nonetheless and needless to say not as pleasant.

It's too bad the actual taste of the tea isn't better than it actually is. When steeped, the butterfly pea petals quickly begin to spread their natural dye just as any food coloring agent would do. The first, second, and even third time of watching the leaves transform an infusion into a slowly spiraling array of blue swirls is simply loads of fun.

One a side note, be sure to drink this tea while it's hot or iced. When lukewarm, few teas are worse than this one. The dominant notes of asparagus become even more prominent and in a very distasteful way. When hot, the brew isn't bad per say, but it's hardly what I'd call good. On another aside, this would make for an excellent and natural food dye. Just a few petals would transform almost anything.

As intriguing as the blue petals may be, they simply do not offer a noteworthy cup of tea. In the end, the actual taste and aroma of the tea is really all we care about. Let the past life of colored ketchup be our ultimate lesson: the "wow" effect of dyed edibles quickly wears off if not off-putting altogether. I'm glad I tried the tea and experienced it for myself, but I would far rather apportion my tea budget elsewhere.

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One Response to “Review: Blue Chai Organic Herbal Blue Tea”

  1. Luke Says:

    What are you talking about? Comparing tea to ketchup?!
    This tea is something natural and not processed by Kraft Foods… it tastes great and the blue color is such an eye-catcher!

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