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Thumbs up!"It appears that a new tea company is on the horizon, and it is most certainly a noteworthy one."
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cameronalishanoolonghighIt appears that a new tea company is on the horizon, and it is most certainly a noteworthy one. With a very precise and limited selection, Cameron Tea does very little but does it oh so well. Each of the company's offerings features a premium and competition grade, a distinction made by the selection processes of the leaf. Unfortunately, I received only the premium grade of what was still a very special tea. Quite honestly, I doubt the grade makes much of a difference; my only moderate knowledge of determinants of quality tell me that elevation, region, and harvest date are greater determinants than is the difference in two ultimately similar selection processes. Before delving into the actual review itself, I would recommend with full confidence the premium grade for those that would prefer to save a few dollars; without having tried its greater counterpart, I was without want when brewing this lower of the two grades.

I love Taiwanese oolongs and they are easily my favorite "class" of tea. This is of course for many reasons, including the incredible fragrance and the dominant floral undertones of each of them. Cameron's High Mountain Oolong possesses and absolutely ambrosial aroma, with specks of cinnamon, apple pie, and clover honey and an overall roasted composition, at least more so than any other Ali Shan I've experienced. This immediately standout element remains wholly consistent in the actual brew of the tea, giving off a slightly less floral result. Infusions are every bit as creamy, however, and Cameron's unique oolong blends its many notes together while still delivering a milky, thick feeling liquor at its forefront.

Infusions of this fascinating oolong do not bring out the same roasted characteristic noticeable in the dry leaves addicting aroma, but Cameron Tea certainly does something different with this oolong than do most other companies with theirs, and this leads to an incorporation of positively unique and unquestionably crucial elements of a prize-worthy Alishan.

In order to obtain a reliable result, brew this however you typically brew a lighter oolong. A glass or porcelain vessel will probably serve as your best bet to capture the many interesting elements of this tea. I would most certainly recommend that you offer yourself the opportunity to to explore the wealth of purchase-worthy characteristics harbored by this tea. Of the numerous taiwanese oolongs that I've had, this is easily one of the most unique.

— To purchase Cameron Tea Alishan High Mountain Oolong, Premium Grade, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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