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Thumbs up!"It's more aromatic than it is flavourful, which makes it both unique and easy to drink."
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teaseayunnanThis Canadian company calls itself "nautical themed," which as far as I can tell, means it has a lot of anchors and blue on its packaging. Thankfully, it doesn't extend to the teas, which are called what they are, like this Yunnan Black leaf. The leaves are short, curled, and mostly dark brown with bronze flecks. Basically exactly what I expect from a mid-range Yunnan.

I brew 1.5 teaspoons at boiling for 5 minutes. The liquor is a crisp, deep red-brown liquor. It has a rich molasses, fruity, and malty scent, again exactly what I expect from a Yunnan black. But unlike what I've come to expect, the flavour is surprisingly crisp. It's by no means bland, but it's not the rich flavour I'd expect. It's more aromatic than it is flavourful, which makes it both unique and easy to drink.

I attempt a second steep, and unsurprisingly, it's much blander. Still smelling of malt and molasses, it's less aromatic than before. It's got a malty, bitter aftertaste. it's not a let-down, but it's not so brilliant that you should feel obliged to steep it more than once. It gets more flavourful as it cools, meaning it's good hot, but still fine if you forget it on your counter for an hour, something I am known to do frequently.

Overall, it's not a typical Yunnan black tea, which one could see as either a good or bad thing. It's not extremely high quality, but it isn't priced that way, either. I'm glad I got to sample this, and I'd definitely jump at (swim to?) the chance to try another Tea at Sea leaf.

— To purchase Tea at Sea Yunnan Organic Black Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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