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Not Great"If you enjoy adding powders to your AM smoothie and you want the added caffeine boost, it's a good idea."
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opportuniteaslogoThis sort of health supplement isn't normally my thing, but my husband saw this and was intrigued enough that he promised to sample it as well and help me with the review. The directions say to add one "scoop" to 8 ounces of a smoothie or hot or cold water. My sample didn't come with a scoop and I couldn't find the size of a scoop anywhere on the website, so I guess an amount and add it to hot water.

Since this is a "health food," more supplement than tea, it's a bit tough to review. It's designed to be more healthy rather than tasty, but it's not the sort of thing you can review based just on flavour. I'll start with the pros of the blend. First, I appreciate that Opportuniteas has citations on their website to link to some evidence for the health benefits associated with the ingredients. I also realise that, at $0.87 per serving, it's a reasonable price for a supplement. It's certainly much cheaper than some name brand diet boosters.

Those bonuses aside, I'll move on to flavour, and here's where I run in to problems with the review. It's... palatable, but I don't find it much more. If you're drinking it just for the idea of health, you could throw it in your morning smoothie to cover up some of the flavour, but I find powders added to smoothies usually make them worse. I can taste many of the individual ingredients, which in a way is nice because you know they've included what they've promised to include; however, all those flavours together isn't my favourite combination. It's mildly fruity with a sour bite, characteristic of super berries. The matcha was doomed from the start to be bitter as all matcha tends to be when it's not properly whisked. I was hoping the cocoa would redeem the flavour, but more than anything else it makes the blend muddled and confusing.

That being said, it is perfectly drinkable. So if you are intrigued by the ingredient list, it's worth a shot. Personally, I'd rather have a nice cup of quality whisked matcha and the rest of the supplements in pill form. But if you enjoy adding powders to your AM smoothie and you want the added caffeine boost, it's a good idea.

— To purchase OpportuniTeas Clear Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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