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Thumbs up!"I'm not sure I can rate such a simple tea much higher than the rating given. But Jing Tea's take on Earl Grey is every bit as enjoyable as it is traditional."
Daniel’s Teaview: 8/10
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jingearlgrey1Jing Tea is to me properly associated with the term "obsessive," and in a favorable sense. Like many commendable tea vendors, Jing Tea stresses the alleged superiority of their sourcing, blending, and, perhaps more uniquely, its notable clientele.

The company's Earl Grey is a classic one, with a single-origin ceylon and a vibrant bergamot essence. Commonly used blue cornflowers dot the aromatic blend, which, while providing no added notes to the liquor or aroma, do make the tea much more exciting and comforting.

Very citrusy is the aroma of the infused leaves. I generally use several grams of Earl Grey for a shorter infusion in order to generate the most pleasant combination of boldness and brightness. The ceylon leaves, while unquestionably of good quality, do not seem to fashion as bold a liquor as one could legitimately expect, though this may be more due to the heightened prominence (in comparison to other, similar blends, at least) of the bergamot.

Still, there is plenty of richness and depth to rave about. For now, I can only imagine the amplification of such characteristics with the leaves at their freshest. I was not able to find the harvest date of this ceylon, but I would be surprised if my sample were still at peak freshness by the time it was opened. Regardless, each brew before the waning of what the leaves have to offer is refreshing to an almost crave-inducing extent, provided the blend is brewed successfully.

A less-than-perfect steeping won't necessarily be bitter, but the flavor profile will not be on point. I found the most success in a larger quantity of tea brewed uncovered, so as to avoid the naturally harsher notes of a strongly brewed ceylon. The result was a memorable mix of smoothness, citrus, and standard black tea gusto.

I'm not sure I can rate such a simple tea much higher than the rating given. But Jing Tea's take on Earl Grey is every bit as enjoyable as it is traditional. Without question, I've had better "Earl Grey" blends, but none was so stripped down as this one. For any Earl Grey purists, Jing Tea is a most viable destination.

— To purchase Jing Tea Earl Grey, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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