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Thumbs up!"Initially, the flavour is good but generic, all sweet and tart in a very non-specific way. But then the aftertaste hits, and it's all mango and deliciousness."
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incateamangomachuInca Tea is a small company that specialises in blends that contain purple corn. Whatever you care about in the tea world, they have it covered: Whether it's non-GMO, natural ingredients, supporting non-profits, recyclable packaging, or preservative-free blends. None of those things are particularly important to me, but I realise they all matter in varying amounts to other various people. However, the thing that gets me really excited is that their tea sachets are made from biodegradable materials! I compost all my tea leaves, partly for the sake of the environment and partly because I don't want soggy leaves leaking into my garbage can, and the fact that I can't compost high-quality tea bags has long been a source of frustration. For some time, I cut open the sachets, threw out the bag, and composted the leaves inside, but if I'm drinking bagged teas, chances are I'm feeling lazy, so I quickly gave up on that. These suckers, however, are going straight into my compost where they will eventually, hopefully break down.

I brew one teabag in 8 ounces 195 degree water for 5 minutes. The second the hot water hits the teabag, the liquor turns a brilliant magenta colour, I assume thanks to the purple corn. It smells brilliant, all mango and citrus and delicious.

Initially, the flavour is good but generic, all sweet and tart in a very non-specific way. But then the aftertaste hits, and it's all mango and deliciousness. The spice takes a few sips to build enough flavour, but once it does, it adds a brilliant depth. And all that is underscored by a wonderful citrus acidity.

Inca Tea's website says you can use each bag of their teas twice, but I am sceptical, since herbals don't tend to resteep well. I'm happily wrong, however, getting a second steep that is nearly as bold and unique as the first. I'm so thrilled with my first experience with Inca Tea that I felt the need to use the word "brilliant" four times while writing out my initial tasting notes. It's a unique, interesting, and delicious blend.

— To purchase Inca Tea Machu Pichu Mango, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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