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Thumbs up!"It's more aromatic than flavourful, but while the flavour is delicate, it is in no way bland."
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This is my first sample from Dachi tea, a small artisan tea company. They have a small collection of high-end teas, including this one that can be found under their "Rare & Limited" category. These companies tend to be very expensive, and they run a big risk because unless every tea they have is amazing, there isn't much point. This particular leaf is priced like a limited edition artisan leaf, but that doesn't bother me too much. I'm willing to part with cash for a great tea, but only if it really is a great tea. So the question is, Is this worth it?

I put 5 grams of tea in an 8-ounce preheated glass teapot. After a flash rinse, I steep it for 40 seconds. The cup is extremely aromatic, with notes of honey, spice, and a strong note of muscatel grape.

The flavour is beautifully sweet and surprisingly creamy. It has a smooth, soft mouthfeel, but there's enough sharpness from the muscatel to cut through the smoothness, keeping it interesting and adding to the depth. They website describes it as tasting like "muscovado sugar," but since I've never tried that (not that I've had muscatel grapes either), I'm content with saying it tastes like honey.

I steep another 4 times, and each infusion has a milder, more blended flavour than the steep before it. But despite the aroma mellowing out a little, it remains comparatively strong through the remaining cups.

It's more aromatic than flavourful, but while the flavour is delicate, it is in no way bland. So to answer the question in paragraph one: I would say this is worth the price. It's unique, interesting, has a brilliant scent and flavour. It's the complete tea, and I look forward to any future interactions I have with Dachi Tea.

— To purchase Dachi Tea Co. No. 7 Oriental Beauty, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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