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Its OK"This tea is meant to help you achieve a goal weight and detox your body. It is also supposed to "give the body a beautiful glow.""
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That Tea has a very lovely website and clean look. They offer teas that are very health focussed. Their front page states - "Achieve your goals with our specialized range of teas." I ended up reviewing their That Skinny Tea. This tea is meant to help you achieve a goal weight and detox your body. It is also supposed to "give the body a beautiful glow." This all sounded good to me so I decided to try out their 14 day Skinny Tea Detox.

That Skinny Tea is made of senna leaf, peppermint leaf, rose flower, stevia leaf, chrysanthemum, and burdock. I was familiar with most of these ingredients but not all. I started by researching senna leaf. Senna leaf is an herb often used to help with weight loss. It is known for having laxative effects. Burdock, is known to increase urine flow, kill germs, and reduce inflammation. I steeped one tea bag in a cup of boiling tea as the directions suggest. The smell is interesting and consists mainly of the peppermint and rose flower. The flavor is pleasant and very sweet due to the stevia leaf. Though this tea isn't bad at all, it's definitely not a tea I would drink for flavor.

I was a little hesitant as I began regularly drinking this tea - some reviews on 'skinny teas' are a bit horrifying. Some people say they can't go anywhere because of how often they need the restroom. This was not the case with That Skinny Tea. This tea didn't keep me from leaving my house or anything extreme like that. I didn't feel any better, but I also didn't feel any worse from this tea.

After 2 days I began drinking 3 cups a day (re-steeping the same teabag). I continued this for about 5 days until I began to feel awful. The tea made me bloated and my stomach did not feel good what-so-ever. I think the senna caused me to be dehydrated. Because of how I felt, I went completely off the tea for two days. I felt back to normal after that and I did loose a pound from this tea. I also had a clearer face and less breakouts. So this tea does have some perks.

Some people handle senna leaf and burdock better than others. This is definitely not a tea you should drink long-term. I also think more than one cup a day isn't a good idea. If you struggle with constipation, this tea would be very helpful short-term. If you want to have a clear face for a special occasion, one cup a day for a week would be a good idea.

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