Teaviews.com is an online collective of tea lovers and reviewers from across the United States and Canada.All members receive free periodic shipments of high quality tea samples, which they select themselves from our inventory of samples, to taste and review on www.Teaviews.com.Our tea samples come directly from tea vendors all around the world, large and small.

All of our reviews are published at www.Teaviews.com, along with other tea-related posts, thoughts, musings and miscellanea.

Teaviews.com is completely unaffiliated with any tea manufacturers or merchants, so our reviews remain 100% unbiased.

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Teaviews.com is the largest tea review site on the web, with more than 1,100 different reviews from more than 80 different tea retailers around the world. We rank #1 on Google for the search terms “tea reviews” and “tea review”. Teaviews.com receives more than 30,000 visits monthly – the vast majority of which are using the site to help them make their next purchase decision!

How can I get my teas listed on Teaviews?

Easy!  Just click here for information on how to send samples, or if you have a question or are interested in advertising opportunities on Teaviews.com, just fill out our contact form or email us at admin -at- teaviews.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.