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Though I’ve always enjoyed an occasional cup of tea on a chilly day, my interest in tea recently began to grow into an obsession. I would say my interest in tea definitely came from my mother. A day has rarely gone by in my lifetime, when she hasn’t had a cup of tea (no joke!). For a few years I preferred coffee to tea and it wasn’t until I experienced some high quality teas that my mindset changed. I fell in love with all the different flavors and health benefits of tea. Lately, I have been into a few tea shops around America, and I’ve ordered great tea online in search of exquisite tea that makes me want to dance.

My two favorite types of tea are rooibos and green tea. I’m also a big chai tea fan, but I’m willing to try just about any kind of tea. Along with tea, I have an interest in vintage tea cups and I collect them! Whenever I get an exciting new tea, I enjoy drinking it from one of my new tea cups. Apart from enjoying a cup of hot tea, I often experiment and make desserts with my tea. Whether it’s chai hot chocolate or green tea ice cream, I’m always dreaming up new recipes. I also love photography and I take pictures of my creations for my blog.

While drinking a cup of good tea, I enjoy knitting, blogging, reading, singing, or oil painting. Knitting is my main hobby and I sell handmade headbands, scarves, and hats on Etsy. I’m also currently working on getting my Marketing Degree online so that keeps me fairly busy.

Website: http://lexalex-lexa.blogspot.com

Alexa's Favorite Tea Products

Lalani & Co. Jade Mountain ‘The Honey Special’ Spring 2013     9.9/10
Canton Tea Co. Wild Mountain Black     9.5/10
Lalani and Co. First Flush Yabukita Sencha     9.3/10
Canton Tea Co. Silver Needle White Tea     9.3/10
Tea Ave Magnolia Oolong     9/10
Lalani & Co 2nd Flush Himalayan Imperial Black     9/10
Canton Tea Co. Jade Tips     9/10
Canton Tea Co. White Peony     9/10
Tea & Tea Autumn Fire     9/10
Mountain Tea Imperial Pearl     9/10

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