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Bryan was introduced to tea while in college, through a british friend. Though he started out with Indian and Chinese Black teas, he soon discovered how all varieties of tea had that "spark" to them. At 21 years old, he had tried practically every variety he could find: Greens, Oolongs, Whites, Yellows, Cooked and Raw pu-erh's, Liu bao, Liu an, and the list goes on. He currently lives in Columbia, South Carolina. When he isn't reviewing or enjoying teas, Bryan can be found composing music, writing poetry, or spending time with his friends and his cat, Chopin.


Bryan's Favorite Tea Products

Norbu Tea 2010 Lao Tai Di Qing Xin     8.8/10
Grand Tea Yang Pin Pu-erh     8.3/10
iTeapot Dong Ding     8.2/10
Tao Tea Leaf Da Hong Pao     8.1/10
Grand Tea King of Tikuanyin Oolong Tea     8/10
iTeapot Shan Lin Xi Oolong     8/10
Grand Tea Liu An Basket Tea     7.9/10
White August King of Buddha     7.8/10
Jing Tea Chai     7.5/10
Chai Wallah Spice with Green Tea     7.4/10

Recent Posts by Bryan:

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