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My name is Casey and I'm a graduate student in Chinese literature. I've been really into tea since becoming addicted to Japanese sencha while studying in Japan. Since then I've experimented with a wide variety of teas, becoming partial especially to Taiwanese Oolongs, though plain, fragrant sencha remains my all-time favorite. I've also lived in mainland China, where I enjoyed a lot of flavored blacks as well as some excellent flower teas, such as rose and crysanthemum. I don't generally take any milk, lemon or sugar in my tea and don't usually care for fruit teas except when iced and sweetened, in which case it becomes more like a dessert. The exception is Thai iced tea and Taiwanese "pearl milk tea," but those are both as much condensed milk and tapioca as they are tea. I once had an iced sencha float with really strong matcha (powdered green tea) ice cream floating in it. That was almost a religious experience, but for hot tea it's all-natural all the way. I don't have any professional experience, but I'm looking forward to becoming more familiar with the terminology and concepts of tea-tasting.

Casey's Favorite Tea Products

Harney & Sons Sencha     8/10
Mighty Leaf Organic Earl Grey     7.5/10
SerendipiTea Bolivian Green     7/10
Just4Tea Jasmine Pearl     6.5/10

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