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Hello, My name is Clay and I am 17 years old. I was born and raised in Canada. I am currently residing in Utah. My favorite thing in the world is tea. I drink about five to ten cups a day, but some of my other interests are Martial arts, Eastern Philosophy, as well as ancient Chinese and Japanese cultural studies, and of course the amazing drink that is tea!

My self discovery involving tea started when I became interested in botany and plants. As I was looking around at different plants I came across a plant that you drank! Wow I thought! I had to try this thing I had heard about. So at 7 years old I wandered down to a shop that was close to my house that sold various herbal remedies and asked for some tea. Being as young as I was they gave it to me for free and my mother helped me brew it. I tried it and loved it! Other kids drank juice, I drank tea! I would prepare tea that I continued to get for free because I was “cute”. I soon found myself drinking it all day, with every meal, for school the day before I would bring a water bottle and pour the water into my tea pot, boil it, brew it, let it cool and carry it so I had tea at school as well! I was drinking it so much my “tea source” stopped providing tea for me - haha. Soon, later in my life I discovered meditation and martial arts and they are...to me, a way of self discovery, when you drink a cup of tea to me its more of just drinking some liquid, it is a moment of silence you are allowing yourself.

My favorite tea is by far Jasmine tea, It has a subtle light taste which I enjoy very much. I also enjoy herbal teas like Jasmine, Mint, White, Oolong, Ginger, Green. I don’t enjoy Breakfast tea or Earl Grey as much as herbal teas. I just think they lack the subtleness of many herbal teas I enjoy. But, everyone has different opinions and the reason I am typing all of this is that I would like to share mine. I greatly enjoy tea and like to compare them to others I have tried and enjoy finding the subtle differences in each tea that I drink.

Clay's Favorite Tea Products

Tea Zone Jasmine Pearl     9/10
Adagio Spearmint     8/10
Tea Zone Monk's Blend     8/10
Dragon Pearl Oolong     8/10
Tea Zone Silver Needle Tea     8/10
SpecialTeas Lemon Verbena     8/10
SpecialTeas Honeybush Organic     8/10
SpecialTeas Strawberry White Tea     8/10
Stash Jasmine Blossom Green Tea     8/10
Tea Table Moroccan Mint     7/10

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