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Let's face it. We live a coffee country, a coffee culture. Here's proof: When was the last time you heard someone (who wasn't a tea lover) say, "Let's grab a tea"? No. It's always "let's grab a coffee" or, even worse, "let's grab some coffee." In this age of bean-over-leaf hegemony (at least regarding things you can't smoke), we are constantly bombarded by images glorifying the consumption of coffee in nearly every aspect of our lives, be it in T.V. commercials (Folgers, anyone?), doughnut stands, or the ubiquitous Starbucks (which does sell tea, but is really a coffee company) shop on every street corner in the country.

Now, I've got nothing against coffee. I just prefer tea, and it pains me to see the spreading of Good Gospel of Tea being undercut by a general lack of awareness regarding the drink's health benefits and "deliciousiTEA" (Not a real word, I know).
I am excited to join a community of dedicated tea-fans and hope to write insightful, entertaining and accurate reviews that people find helpful. I also want to encourage those who may have never gone beyond Lipton (not being a snob here) to expand their horizons and deepen their human-to-leaf relationship by enjoying other varieties.

For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed tea. I credit this to my Mother being Asian (as you might know, tea tends to be more popular there), which in turn means I should probably thank my Grandma as well.

As for hobbies, I don't really have any besides drinking tea. That's really all I do. Just kidding. I like reading, writing, watching good movies, bicycling, listening to music, etc…

Anyway, I most enjoy white teas (for their subtlety), though I also like Oolong, Rooibos and the English varieties. And the Green stuff ain't bad either. I almost always drink my tea without anything besides hot water, unless it's English Breakfast Tea (with honey) or the South American Mate (with sugar).

I've never been a fan of really sweet or fruity teas, as I find most of them unbalanced and over-the-top. However, I've nothing against a quality floral tea. I'm excited to be a member of what seems like a great online community of tea lovers and look forward to "teaviewing" with all of you!

DL's Favorite Tea Products

Rishi Tea Snow Buds (Xue Ya)     9/10
Tea Zone Silver Needle Tea     8.5/10
Zoomdweebie's Check Mate     8/10
Thunderbolt Tea Arya Ruby First Flush 2008     8/10

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