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For the first ten of my tea drinking years, a cup of Twining's English Breakfast with a heaping spoon of clover honey suited my tea-craving taste buds just fine. It was not until a shamefully recent time in my life that I became acquainted with the world of loose leaf tea, dissolving my appetite for the bagged and heavily sweetened varieties.

Overall, while herbal and fruit blends are suitable on plenty occasion, I find that straight teas offer the greatest indulgences. Ever since my first cups of Longjing and Ali Shan, Chinese greens and Taiwanese, high mountain oolongs have become my particular favorites, but any quality brew is enough to shed any of my most immediate preferences.

The idea that something so endlessly wide-ranging can stem from a modest shrub is, to me, absolutely astonishing. No other drink is quite like it or better yet, even close to it. Tea is much more than a convenient caffeine supplement or catalyst to the enjoyment of a dwindling afternoon. It is an art, a science, an enrichment of some of the world's most ancient cultures, and of course, a downright amazing beverage.

As a self-certified tea addict, I can honestly say that opening the doors to the seemingly endless world of loose leaf has, without a doubt, elevated tea as my top (really sole) beverage of choice. I hope I will be able to share this ongoing tea voyage in an interesting, creative, and perhaps even enlightening way. Granted, there is much to learn before I can rightfully label myself as anything close to a true tea expert. Let's work on reaching that mark together, shall we?


Daniel's Favorite Tea Products

Canton Tea Co. Superior Dragon Well Green Tea     9.5/10
Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company AliShan High Mountain Oolong     9.2/10
Vintage Tea Co. Da Hong Pao Wuyi Rock Oolong     9.2/10
Canton Tea Ali Shan Oolong     9.2/10
Vintage Tea Company Fuxi Huanshan Mao Feng     9.1/10
Canton Tea Co. Silver Needle White Tea     9.1/10
Canton Tea Co. Pouchong     9/10
Cameron Tea Formosa, Competition Grade     8.9/10
Cameron Tea Alishan High Mountain Oolong, Premium Grade     8.9/10
Cameron Tea Alishan Jin Xuan Oolong, Premium Grade     8.8/10

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