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Hello, I'm David. I'm in my late forties, was born in Oklahoma, but have spent almost all of my life in Texas. When I'm not enjoying the company of my wife, twin daughters, and two dogs, I enjoy music of all kinds, outdoor activities (hiking, camping, and sailing when I have the opportunity), reading, watching sci-fi, chocolate, and, of course, tea. In fact, increasingly over the past few years, tea has become an essential part of my life, especially when accompanied by some equally good chocolate!

I began my journey into the world of tea as a young Southern boy who frequently sat down to the dinner table to some plain black iced tea with lemon, still the most popular form of tea where I live. It wasn't until I visited England on a trip right out of college that I discovered the subtleties of loose-leaf varieties with titles such as Earl Grey. Some years after this trip I became interested in including tea in my diet, mainly for its health properties, but as I began to seek out and sample high quality teas from various vendors, I was surprised and excited by a new world of wonderful flavors, as well as a daily escape which I looked forward to. Plus, unlike coffee, tea agreed with my digestion and made me more alert, yet in a calming sort of way, without the jittering buzz. I was hooked!

I begin each day now with a bowl of matcha, which, I like to think, gets my body off to an enjoyable and healthy start. While drinking my morning tea with breakfast, I'm also brewing tea to take to work in a thermos, which gives me something to look forward to when I need a little extra to keep going. In the evening, I finish the day with a cup or two after dinner, usually paired with some good chocolate. Although the rest of my family is not quite as fanatical about tea as I am, I'm working on them. :-)

I have three shelves of our kitchen cupboard devoted to mainly loose-leaf varieties from a number of sources. Variety is something that I like! Most are black or green, both flavored and plain. Occasionally I have found an oolong (usually Taiwanese)which strikes my fancy, but this is not my usual preference. Among my many favorites are black currant and other fruit-flavored blacks, a Darjeeling first-flush black with vanilla, British and French breakfast blends, Yunnan, Keemun, Assam, and Darjeeling single estate teas, and Japanese greens: cherry-flavored and plain sencha, genmaicha, and gyokoro. I keep matcha in the freezer to take out each morning. I also keep spices on hand to make my own chai. I usually drink my tea plain but, depending on the variety, may add a little soy milk.

Tea time for me has become more than just a culinary pleasure, but part of a daily quest to slow down a bit and take time to reflect on life's little pleasures. Each tea leaf put into my teapot has something of a story to tell: a distant country, its people, its culture, its history. When I sit down to sip on some great tea, I feel a little more connected to our planet, its peoples, and to what is really important in life.


David's Favorite Tea Products

Mariage Freres Marco Polo     10/10
Mariage Freres French Breakfast     9/10
Taylors of Harrogate Earl Grey     9/10
Mighty Leaf Jasmine Downy Pearls     8/10
Tea Zone Jasmine Pearl     8/10
Den's Tea Cherry Sencha     8/10
Elmwood Inn Black Currant     8/10
Mighty Leaf Organic Hojicha     7/10
Tea Zone White Peony     7/10
Teavana Mandarin Orange Green Tea     7/10

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