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I've always enjoyed tea, but haven't always been a huge drinker of it. In high school, our journalism room was always stocked with peppermint teas, in particular, but others made their way in as well. I had a great fondness for all of the Stash Teas, especially orange pekoe and Earl Grey, which seemed highly exotic to me at the time, and in college became interested in loose teas, mainly herbal, after starting to shop at a local co-op which had a fantastic bulk department with literally dozens and dozens of teas to try. Some work at a restaurant after college really started opening some doors for me tea wise, and I remember some amazing teas blended by a Seattle company, the most amazing to my palate of which was called Wu Wei...I'd love a cup right now! I do not recall the tea company's name, or know if they are still in business. It wasn't until I quit drinking coffee altogether about three years ago that I really started exploring teas, especially white tea, and also, recently, green teas, both types of teas have both surprised and intrigued me with their tremendous variations in flavors and stengths and even their moods, if such a word can be accurately used. I've also discovered a real interest in learning more about the geographies and histories and peoples of the areas where the tea we drink is produced. I'd describe myself as a real proponent for locally grown and raised food, and I'm seldom as happy as when in the veggie garden, but despite my concerns about certain implications of a highly globalized world and economy, it still seems to me that the truly singular flavors of the world are meant to be exchanged between cultures, as they always have been, and are one of our most wonderful opportunities to share, learn, savor and experience a world of many peoples and cultures that still have tremendous uniqueness. It's a wide wide world, let the tea drinking commence!

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Jamie's Favorite Tea Products

Zen Tara Raspberry Rooibos     10/10
ThepuriTea Red Dragon Pearl     10/10
Tea Emporium Turzum DJ-19 2nd Flush 2011     10/10
Canton Tea Co. Bai Lin Gong Fu     10/10
Red Leaf Tea Chocolate Matcha Tea - Organic     10/10
Chai Wallah Chai Spice with Rooibos     10/10
Rishi Tea Sencha Sakura     10/10
Golden Tips of Darjeeling Sungma Tea, Fly, Second Flush 2010     10/10
American Tea Room Toasted Fig Pu Er Blend     10/10
American Tea Room Ruby Black     10/10

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