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My passions in life other than tea are my 5.5 year old daughter, shopping, playing cards, traveling and enjoying a great meal with greater company. I also am trying to make healthy living one of my passions for myself and my daughter including eating a healthy diet and implementing a exercise program, which is part of what drove me to tea. We live in Michigan call metro Detroit home. I am a Michigan native, but have also lived in Arizona, Florida and Virginia briefly.

I've been reviewing tea on Teaviews for a couple of years now and feel that I've become a somewhat seasoned tea drinker. When I was younger, I pretty much drank sun tea or basic run-of-the-mill Lipton. As I got a little older I began to develop a taste for a better grade of tea than bagged tea. Once I discovered loose leaf tea, I became a total tea addict for awhile and I can show you my credit card receipts to prove it! In recent months I have started to develop an appreciate for coffee (McDonald's is the best). No worries---I will always love my tea too.

Nowadays, I typically start my morning with some coffee made in my Keurig, but I do still occasionally reach for a good black tea or mate. Usually I enjoy an iced tea in the afternoon and follow dinner with an oolong or a dessert tea. I sometimes even squeeze a sleepy time tea in before bed. Some of my current favorites include The NecessiTeas Sweet Almond and Lemon Chiffon, Tea Guys Spiced Mexican Chocolate and Schizandra Black Currant, American Tea Room So Coconut, Ruby Black and Choco*Late to name a few. I am also in love with Chicago Tea Garden's TGY. I tend not to love plain greens though I have become more tolerant of them, anything that is heavy on the hibiscus, or any really strong and astringent black tea. Super floral teas are not my favorite, but I can generally get through a cup. I look forward to sharing my tea experiences and finding some new favorite teas.


Laura's Favorite Tea Products

American Tea Room So Coconut     10/10
The Necessiteas Lemon Chiffon     10/10
The Necessiteas Sweet Almond     10/10
Chicago Tea Garden Competition Grade Tie Guan Yin     10/10
JING Jasmine Silver Needle     10/10
American Tea Room Ruby Black     10/10
American Tea Room Choco Laté     10/10
California Tea House Vanilla Creme Earl Grey     10/10
The Necessiteas Caramel Dipped Apple Rooibos     10/10
Teavana Cacao Mint Black Tea     10/10

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