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I'm Lynn and I write fantasy novels for a living. I've also worked in advertising and as a freelance journalist. In addition to writing and tea, my passions include Buddhism, reading, hiking, cooking from historical recipes, ancient and medieval history, cruising museums and art galleries, knitting, and adopting too many dogs and cats.

My love for tea began when my Canadian great grandmother served me my first cup when I was about 10; Red Rose made with well water and slaked with canned milk. I was hooked for life, and the connection between tea and hospitality was firmly established. Come to my house and you will be offered tea. Over the years I have experimented and refined my tastes, discovering in the process that fine teas are as complex, varied, and interesting as fine wine, and a lot healthier. Tea figures large in my memories, too, in times good and not so good, always a comfort, often a stimulating mid afternoon pick me up over the computer. It's even found its way into my books. My characters are great tea drinkers. I pick my tea to suit my mood, the time of day, the weather, the music I'm listening to, what I'm writing-- there's always a good reason to brew up a cup!

I love black tea, especially a good Yunnan with a splash of cream, and my most recent addiction, Japanese matcha. I also like oolongs and have experimented with gong fu brewing. I have a nice little collection of Yixing teapots. Gong fu and matcha making are fun because they require special vessels, utensils and methods. Making those sorts of teas is a meditation in itself. Although I'm not crazy about most scented or flavored teas, I do love Jasmine pearl green, and a particular nilgiri with real coconut pieces mixed in. Herbal teas? Not so much, but I keep a selection on hand for friends. Tea = hospitality!

Website: http://www.sff.net/people/Lynn.Flewelling/

Lynn's Favorite Tea Products

American Tea Room Confections     10/10
White August Tea Golden Monkey     10/10
Silk Road Teas Golden Monkey     10/10
Norbu Tea Jade Earrings Green Tea     10/10
Norbu Tea Old Plantation Qing Xin Oolong Fall 2009     10/10
American Tea Room Yamama No Homare Shincha 2010     10/10
Norbu Tea Diamond Grade Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Spring 2010     10/10
American Tea Room Choco Laté     10/10
American Tea Room Ruby Black     10/10
Up N’ Atom Chai Organic Black     10/10

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