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I’m Rebecca, a dual American-Australian citizen in love with sun, sand, surf and simple cups of tea. I recently spent a few months on a mate-fuelled trip through South America. I’ve sampled kava in Fiji, Earl Grey ice cream and cocktails in New York and even arrived on horseback at a tea plantation in the Australian rainforest – but it’s still just a small sip of the culture, history and innovation brewing in the world of tea!

Despite growing up in snowy Upstate New York, I didn’t discover tea and tisanes until I moved to sunny Sydney Australia. After numerous doctor visits, medication and what one doctor even diagnosed as an ‘ulcer’ I saw a naturopath there who cured what ended up being bad digestion with herbs. Since then, I’ve been in awe of the healing power of the leaf! Cured of my poor food and beverage choices, but not of my passion for the plant, I’m now training as a tea sommelier in New York. Researching and sampling teas from around the world has become more than a hobby and one day soon I’m hoping to convert former coffee addicts like myself to the way of tea and tisanes.

On rainy days my hobbies include blending my own chai, trying out new matcha recipes and searching the net for cheap flights to Taiwan, home to some of my favorite Oolong teas! And when I do manage to tear myself away from the tea, you’ll find me at a yoga studio, sake bar, live music venue or vintage clothing store in my beloved borough of Brooklyn.

At the moment I'm back in Sydney and on a mission to get more people drinking loose leaf tea! Check out my blog at www.getyourteaon.blogspot.com

Website: http://www.getyourteaon.blogspot.com

Rebecca's Favorite Tea Products

Zealong Pure Oolong Tea     10/10
Sun’s Organic Garden Organic Tieguanyin     10/10
Golden Tips Tea Pride of Darjeeling Rare 2nd Flush Tea     9/10
Asha Tea House Pure Heart Alishan Oolong     9/10
Grand Tea King of Tikuanyin Oolong Tea     9/10
Naivetea Wen Shan Bao Zhong     9/10
Sun's Organic Garden Ying Yang Coffee Bean Tea     9/10
Zealong Dark Oolong Tea     9/10
Stash Tea Pure Guayusa     9/10
Butiki Teas Purple Tea of Kenya     8.5/10

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