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Tea is a rather delicate subject, and rightly so, for it is also a delicate drink. Where soda satisfies the stripling, wine tickles the fancy of the well budgeted oenophile, beer occupies the serious brew monger, and water to the aesthetic and the athlete, tea is altogether itself. It belongs to nobody, yet almost everybody is beholden to tea. I am no exception, having recently been lassoed by the drink's fine charms after a stunning cup of Chinese black tea during an hour of unrest and panic somewhere along my college career.

The joys of tea belong in the intimate space between the drinker and his drink, but my revelations over a good cup of tea simply cannot be contained. So I write about it. This is, I think, entirely appropriate to my needs, and entirely inappropriate for the decorum of the internet. But I do it anyway, because tea compels me.

I am currently employed as a "book troglodyte" at a library, because the proper "librarian" title is two years and many thousands of dollars away in another graduate school. I entertain a host of odd and eccentric hobbies. Foremost, I study Japanese politics with the same fervor I do tea, but get far fewer requests to talk about the Japanese House of Councillors than I do to to ramble on about what makes a good and proper cup of sencha.

And that is really all there is to it.


Cap's Favorite Tea Products

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