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My name is David. I just turned 50 this year so I guess in terms of milestones (age ones that is) it's a big one. I have had the good fortune to travel pretty far and wide and now call Madison, WI my home. Landing here was not quite intentional but it is funny how things work out. I have varied and diverse interests including two children (one nuts about hockey which consumes way too many hours of mine that is), fiber arts (I actually design and make quilts in my spare time - which I have none of because of hockey), food (especially made from scratch with real ingredients - hand cooked with all the love and labor), wine (mostly reds), nature/camping, software architecture, and of course tea. I am not sure how this potpourri of interests came together but nonetheless that's the way it is. One thing is certain; I tend to be adventurous, usually before my rational side can respond. This has been true especially in situations where the potential for damage/calamity is quite high. Many of my adventures have left me a bit bent but not quite broken.

In my adult years I initially came to discover tea for health benefits. Due to various injuries it is often difficult for my to get comfortable and relax. Tea became a partner to help soothe, calm, and relax. It was a nice companion helping immensely over the years. I used to consume a lot of carbonated beverages. This was not quite sympathetic from a nutrition standpoint, nutrients play a key role in pain related issues. Overtime I have learned about the connection between what we take in and how it contributes (or doesn't) to overall health and wellbeing.

I have vague childhood memories of typical store bought tea from the big "L" label. It did not leave much of an early impression. My mom especially loved to drink coffee and tea all day long with a single scotch before dinner. Like many I easily slipped into drinking coffee both as a right of passage and for the boost. However, it always leaves me feeling dehydrated and with a strong after taste in the mouth. So as I started drinking tea I kept discovering more and more varieties and began drinking them more often.

I have discovered an immense interest in the tastes of foods and drinks. Often food is consumed so quickly there is not time to appreciate the full taste. This is true of food, wine, and tea as I have discovered lately. For instance while writing this I am drinking a white tea with lemongrass. The bouquet is wonderful and the taste while delicate is distinctive and lingers nicely. I have come to love the sight and smell of teas before brewing. The smell to me is such an important part of the experience. It is so amazing all the different plants that people use in tea. All the different smells, colors, looks, and tastes are remarkable. I find tea to be so much richer and diverse than coffee. I like what the other "David" wrote about tea being more than just the "tasting". I agree with him wholeheartedly that a key component is to slow down and relax. It is fun to take time and even a bit of ceremony to enjoy a glass of tea.

My tea preferences are evolving. I really like teas iced. I like things cold including winter though I do like a nice warm brew when the snow is flying. I am fairly new into the world of finer teas. I enjoy some blacks (on the milder side), whites (I love delicate drinks - for red wines a comparable experience is a Pinot Noir), and many herbal teas. Flavors in tea I don't care for include licorice (in the blends I have tried it has been to predominant), anise (it's licorice isn't it?) and vanilla (the only place I like it is a splash in chocolate chip cookies). Green teas are not high on my list either. I am excited to try rooibos. I just ordered some yesterday. Also, I have tried oolong once or twice and that was quite some time ago. As I wrote above, I am adventurous. I figure you have to try things to know if you'll like them.

David_A's Favorite Tea Products

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The NecessiTeas Sunrise     8.5/10
Tea Zone Citrus Lemon     8.5/10
The Necessiteas White Strawberry     8.5/10
Mighty Leaf Silver Needle     8.5/10
Mighty Leaf Rose Silver Needle     8.5/10
Zhi Tea White Shizandra     8.5/10

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